wakeboard tower speakersBorn in mid nineties the Wakeboard Tower Speakers were actually based on tuna tower idea of the fishing boats. Skylon was the first company to commercialize the extended pylon and market it. Not long since then a number of companies from around the globe started manufacturing Wakeboard Tower Speakers in response to their rising demand and huge scope in this area of production. These companies have no doubt done a great job in terms of business but they have also come a long way to producing the kind of speakers that many have dreamt of.

What are Wake Tower Speakers?

Wakeboard Tower Speakers are specialized marine audio speakers, which have been specially designed and engineered to allow to you cruise in your boat and hear the music of your choice playing through the highest quality, waterproof and UV safe speakers that you could possibly think of. These slick audio accessories will transform your boat rides into a music filled, open-air adventure making your little boat trips better than ever before.

Your average speakers do not stand a chance against the roaring sound of the winds and the boat’s engine making your songs sound like noise if any sound is audible at all. To combat the gushing sound of the wind and to beat the noisy boat engine the wakeboard speakers have been designed to make your boat rides more enjoyable and musical than ever before. These speakers have been specially designed to produce strong waves of great quality audio sound, directed into a small space, allowing the speakers to be heard even as you are moving at top speed in your boat.

Why do you need Wake Tower Speakers?

Anyone who has spent a tidy sum on specialist equipment to enhance their own pleasure, such as a private jet, or an exclusive liner, will appreciate the fact that getting the perfect accessories to compliment, and, in some cases, boost the performance levels of said specialist equipment can be an art form apart from a status symbol. If you happen to be the owner of a boat and are looking for speakers to blast out your favorite tracks, it would be a little naïve to settle for anything less than a set of speakers that can really throw the sounds out so you can hear them playing. Getting a garbled and muffled sound, making you struggle to hear them at all is not something you will ever appreciate. .

Here is a step by step video tutorial on how to install wakeboard tower speakers properly

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Though there are a number of players in this field, some brands are a complete stand out and regarded among the best. Before you deiced which one to buy, we suggest that you have a look at some of the best ones available in the market.  Everyone is going to have a different opinion on what brand is better. Some People like Malibu Boats, while others wouldn’t buy any boat other then a Mastercraft. The two brands that I feel get the most deserving attention is Exile Audio and Wet Sounds Audio. These two companies in my onion are the clear winners. Exile Audio and Wet Sounds Audio both produce excellent products. They both basically make two different size speakers, and both are engineer to produce great sound behind the boat.  I will do my best to try and compare both brands in a future post so you can choose which pair or brand to buy. While the aforementioned speakers are my top picks of wakeboarding, there are plenty of comparable brands for wakesurfing an or just for cruising.


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