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Pros: The Sound! The looks, and did I mention the sound. These speakers take up a smaller foot print then other speakers in this class. They are more about the sound then the "hey look at my giant tower speakers with lights" They can be mounted directly to the tower which can save you some head room. Nothing worse then constantly worrying about hitting your head on the tower. Customer service is also great at Exile! A gentleman by the name of Brian is alway willing to help! (he is always helping on boating forums)
Cons: I don't think you can wrong buying these speakers. The one knock maybe the lack of customization or add-ons to the speaker grill. This may be also a pro if your not into lighting your speakers with LED lights. The Chrome and black Finnish on these speakers can hold their own without the extra frills. We have also recently seen the grills painted by customers and they also look great!

Exile Audio XM9 Wakeboard Tower Speakers



The XM series tower speakers are designed with one goal in mind – Maximum sound delivery at an unmatched range. The sound quality, form factor, power handling, fit and finish are un-matched by anything available on the market today. The XM9 includes a patented “quick release / rotational” clamping system that can direct sound a full 360 degrees to put sound on virtually any target. The XM9 has been precision engineered down to the smallest detail. What started as an idea became a vision and eventually turned into an engineering collaboration spanning several different industries. It was the efforts of many that allowed the Exile team to, “Dream it, Design it, and Build it from the ground up”.
Exile engineers examined the physics behind professional sound reinforcement acoustics, boat tower mechanical considerations, and the open air musical distortion characteristics of the marine environment.  The XM tower speaker system is built with incredible precision for the marine environment and is capable of projecting full force Hi-Definition sound at 80 feet and still offer clear, warm, and full sound for your passengers sitting onboard. The bottom line: Your ears don’t lie. Listen to the XM series speaker and experience crystal clear sound.
Quick Release Mounts – Innovation by Design
Designed with the everyone’s needs in mind, this clamp is ultra versatile and stylish. It’s an installers ideal piece with connection completing with just a snap! This means no flying speaker wires hanging out the back of your speakers anywhere! Simply mount, connect, and snap on for the loudest quality on the water.
Boat crew, we haven’t forgotten about you either. Once the speakers are mounted and you’re out on the water you can rotate the speaker a full 360 degrees. Want to point them toward sunbathers up on the bow or fire them off the port side toward your picnic on the beach? Simple! And when you’ve finished for the day and the boat rests peacefully on her trailer, you can remove the XM9’s and safely stow them in their wetsuit socks. No scratches and most importantly… No theft!
Compact Enclosure
Big speakers on a boat don’t necessarily offer big sounds. The XM9 inch enclosure is an efficient blend big enough to offer full force high definition sound and still small enough to maintain headroom clearance on most boats. This one piece custom tooled light weight enclosure is teardrop shaped to benefit from low wind drag. It’s compact small size also stays clear from factory fold over bimini shades. And if you own one of the popular cast tower boats, the XM9 can directly mount to the tower (clampless-direct fit) gaining an extra two inches of headroom.

Exile Install Video on a G3 Tower

Worth a look even if you don’t have a G3 Tower. Will give you an idea of the size of the speakers.