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Pros: The 6 1/2" marine wakeboard two-way speaker gives you a great sound quality in every weather conditions and comes with an affordable price.
Cons: There is a drawback when it comes to installation process, which is a nuts problem that will be discussed in more details below.

There are numerous quality speakers available on a market, so choosing the right one for your boat can be tricky. For highest performance and durability, your new speakers need to survive every weather condition that you can think of. This includes high wind, rain, fog and/or sunny weather. Therefore, design and specifications of marine speakers are significantly different from other, conventional in-door speakers.

Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speaker PairThere are a lot of manufacturers that deal with this problem. They are creating the speakers that meet your desires and last in marine environments.

In a broad selection of electronic products, the well-known MCM Electronics accents the Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speaker Pair. With a size of 6 1/2”, these speakers are specially designed for cruel and unfavorable marine conditions.


The Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speaker pair comes in two preferred colors – black and white. It consists of a poly cone woofer surrounded by a rubber material and 1” dome tweeter made in titanium. The water and weather resistant materials guarantee durability and ability to resist bad weather.

The Black Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speakers can be mounted on wakeboard tower on a boat, or any fitting tube or rail.


  • The power handling varies between 100 W and 200 W (RMS/ max) @ 4 ohm. Marine 4-ohm speakers are the most common and the best speakers for marine environments.
  • Frequency response ranges from 40 Hz to 20 KHz and fits the range of normal human hearing.
  • Noisy boats need higher sensitivity speakers. The sensitivity of marine wakeboard speakers is 90 dB and offers a very clear sound at higher volumes.
  • The package includes the binding post connectors combined with heavy duty ABS holder and solid mount.
  • The diameter of mounting reaches up to 1.5 inches and minimum mounting diameter is 1 1/8”.
  • The overall diameter is 8 ½ inches and overall length is approximately 8 ¾ inches.



The marine tower speakers can be very expensive because of their particular specifications. When choosing the right speaker, the first and probably the most important thing for most people is the price. The biggest benefit of these speakers is a very low price (only 70.98 $ on You do not have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars for great speakers. The amazing features mixed with this price make these speakers available to everyone.


The loud motor and noisy conditions on the boats are very hard to cover. The Black Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speakers are designed to reach sensibility up to amazing 90 dB, which can make your sailing experience much better. Working at 4 ohm, these speakers provide really loud and clear sound and help you enjoy your favorite music.


Every high – quality marine speaker needs to be well equipped to resists rough water conditions. Speakers need to withstand high and low temperatures, humidity, water, etc. The Black Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speakers are well covered by rubber makes it ideal for any corner of your boat. The water resistant materials of the covering provide a very long product life.


Practical design and dimensions of these MCM marine speakers offer you the possibility to install them wherever you want. They can fit to any part of the boat and different rails and tubes.




The main issues of these Black Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speakers are the mounting hardware. Mounting hardware is included in package but it has a lack of quality. Its material and poor artisanship can be very unreliable and unstable.


One more drawback is also connected to the installation part. It includes the nuts problem. The screw holes on bracket rears are shaped in a form of a hexagon. They are designed to suit the included nuts. In this case, the nuts are too small for these holes so you cannot tight down the screws properly. Due to this error, you need to provide your own tools to install the speakers.


Even though MCM Electronics failed when it comes to mounting hardware and fit of nuts and screws, the benefits of Black Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speakers compensates all that. The best technical specifications and the unique water-resistant design provide high-quality speakers for marine conditions. They offer great sound with a plenty of volume to spare and no distortion.

The low price and outstanding value combination of MCM marine speakers makes them 5 star product in the wide range.

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