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Pros: The Thunder Marine 652WBB comes with a strong and high quality material and can withstand in all kind of weather conditions, the sound is very loud and clear and will make your wakeboarding experience to be much more fun
Cons: Unfortunately the price is very expensive at around $300 so if you're on a tight budget then I won't recommend this type of wakeboard speaker

wakeboard tower speakersMarine grade speakers are developedfor different environmental conditions where water, humidity, sunlight or element exposure is prevalent. All MTX marine speakers are constructed to be extremely weather resistant and long lasting in outdoor harsh conditions.

This enables you to not only get the high performance and remarkable sound, but you can also get the MTX durable design that allows you to enjoy your favorite music wherever you want.

Unlike other wakeboard speakers, Thunder Marine 652 is specifically designed to last inunfavorable marine environment. The TM652WB has a 6.5″ coaxial two-way speaker for achieving more fun with louder sound and less distortion.


MTX TM652WBB 6.5-Inch Black Wakeboard Tower Speakers include a high quality polypropylene woofer and soft dome tweeter. HDPE enclosure is ableto deliver up to 75 watts RMS power. The water and weather resistant materials ensure durability and capacity to resist bad weather.

The Black Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speakers have very modern design and they can be mounted on wakeboard tower on a boat, or any fitting tube, rail or roll cages up to 3″ in diameter.


• The RMS power of speakers is 75 watts, but it can reach up to 150 watts.
• Boats in marine environments need higher sensitivity speakers. The sensitivity of marine wakeboard speakers is 90 dB and offers a very clear sound at higher volumes.
• The voice coil is approximately 1.5 inches or 3.81 cm.
• High-density polyethylene enclosure is combined with an ASA impact resistant and strong grille.
• The rotationally molded weather resistant enclosure dimensions are 7.46″ x 9.45″ x 11.34″.
• Thunder Marine speakers fit wake board towers and bars between 2-1/8″ and 3 inches.
• Internal Crossover Network protects the construction elements of speakers by hiding them inside of speakers’ holder.
• All components are resistant to UV lights by UV inhibitors technology.
• Every speaker from MTX is tested for 500 hrs to ASTM B117 and conforms to D4329 Standard


Construction materials:

‘Thunder Marine 652WBB 6.5 Inches Black Wakeboard Speakers’ from MTX have irreplaceable construction materials that can withstand every possible scenario you can imagine. The polyethylene combined with UV inhibitors protect you speakers from light, low or high temperatures, dust, salt and other weather conditions.


The high quality and resistible materials guarantee that your Marine Thunder speakers will last for many sailing seasons. The Internal Crossover Network provides protection for sensitive and electronic parts of the speakers while firm exterior ensures durability.

The HDPE enclosure is extremely strong and includes a UV inhibitor that will prevent it from vanishing over time. The grille with ASA construction makes these speakers almost indestructible. Besides that, all connections are made through the mounting bar and bracket therefore speaker leads are not exposed and it will not be corroded.


The noisy boat motor and strong wind can be very hard to cover. There is not more awful than having a great sound system on your boat but it is not enough loud to reach you when you’re fast sailing. The MTX TM 652WBB 6.5 Inches Black Wakeboard Speakers are designed to reach sensibility up to amazing 90 dB, which can make your sailing, experience much better. Working at 4 ohm, these speakers offertruly loud and clear sound and help, you enjoy your favorite music.

The MTX believes in a quality and a durability of marine thunder speakers. Therefore, MTX gives you a 5-year warranty to assist you in case of any error.


High Price:

If we compare the MTX Thunder Marine652WBB 6.5 Inches Black Wakeboard Speakers with other similar marine speakers, we can conclude that MTX speakers are relatively expensive. Even though they provide you quality and performance, many chipper marine speakers on the market offer many more features. The less expensive marine speakers have more safety features like stainless steel grille or Thermo-Plastic Elastomer surrounds, which MTX’s speakers does not provide.

MTX Thunder Marine 652WBB 6.5-Inch Black Wakeboard Speakers have amazing modern design and performance that will satisfy your needs. The improved technologies for weather and water protection can make your speakers last for a very long time. Very easy to install and optimum dimensions of these MTX marine speakers offer you the possibility to install them on wake board towers or roll cages up to 3″ in diameter.

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