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Pros: The Rockford Fosgate is made of anti corrosion-resistance high quality stainless steel with an excellent sound quality, it's also comes with 5 different innovative technologies that will make even better choise of wakeboard speaker
Cons: The Rockford Fosgate have a low sensitivity rating that can have some bad impacts to the sound quality.

Rockford FosgateMarine speakers are specially designed for listening and enjoying your favorite music in outdoor spaces. They have two key features. First key feature involves a certain degree of resistance to the various environmental conditions. Your speakers need to be proofed against rain, extreme temperatures, snow, humidity, dust, insects, etc. The second key feature includes the installation part, which enables you to attach them on a tree, to a wall, under eaves or on wakeboard tower on a boat.

Marine tower speakers are not just something that you turn on while you are hanging out with your friends on a boat or playing with your kids in the backyard. They need to comply with above requirements and most importantly, need to sound good.

Rockford Fosgate has considered all overwhelming sound effects of the outdoor spaces and has taken extreme measures to ensure the best possible performance. As a result, Rockford Fosgate has developed M282B-WAKE M2 Wakeboard 8-Inch Black Tower Speaker.

Modern Design

Rockford Fosgate is famous for designing super modern speakers with high performances. The black M282B-WAKE series are 8 inches marine grade speakers. They are loaded into secure rigid enclosures with wakeboard tower clamp for your boat. Enclosures are made of high-density polyethylene and they feature a cast aluminum C-Clamp with a changeable diameter and possibility to rotate. The speakers and enclosures are treated with UV inhibitors according to important UV and Salt-Fog industry standards.

They also consist of an 8 inches woofer and 1” bridge mounted tweeter protected by a grille made in stainless steel. Stainless steel guarantees long life and protection from bad weather conditions.


• Included mounting hardware is made purely of cast aluminum. It adjusts from 1-1/2″ to 2-3/4″ bar size.
• The unlimited flexibility is achieved by an adjustable near 100% rotation clamp. The C-Clamp can be rotated nearly 360° for wakeboard tower installations.
• The power handling reaches 100 watts RMS, but the maximal value can reach up to 200 watts.
• The nominal impedance is 4 ohm, a typical value for most marine grade speakers.
• Frequency response of Rockford Fosgate’s speakers varies between 48 Hz and 22 kHz.
• 12dB/octave sealed crossover is integrated with safety circuit within the speakers.
• The speaker connector is 16 AWG 2-pin installed for quick disconnection.


The Black Tower Speaker conforms to 5 different technology standards for achieving the highest possible performances.

  • Power handling conforms to CEA-2031 industry standards so the speakers can handle power under permanent demand.
  • M282B-WAKE M2 Wakeboard speakers guarantee resistance to different environmental impacts by ASTM Test Standards. The speaker maintains high performances under the impact of salt, fog, sunlight, humidity, etc…
  • VAST Surround patented technology can significantly boost subwoofer’s effective radiating cone area. Without complicating installations, you can increase it up to 25%.
  • Flex Fit Basket technology allows regulation of the speaker is mounting positions.
  • ICC Crossover hides the crossover inside the case and creates nicer look and simple installation.



Rockford Fosgate put a lot of effort to create marine speakers with highest possible endurance. M282B-WAKE M2 is true marine grade speakers, designed to resist every environmental impact.

81yhg2cRg0L._SL1500_The high quality enclosure made with dense polyethylene and UV stable Centrex® injection molded plastic parts ensure very long speaker life. The UV inhibitor also protects polypropylene cone body and TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer) surround. The removable grille is covered by 18-gauge Stainless Steel, which makes it corrosion resistant. The aramid fiber spider is also moisture, tear, and fatigue resistant.


They are developed to rotate in almost 360 ͦ. The adjustable C-clamp and ultra-flexible fully insulated silicone lead wire offer possibility to adjust your speakers according to your desires.
Speakers’ dimensions of 13.14” x 9.05” and 13.10” diameter enable installation whenever you need.


Rockford Fosgate also designed an accessory for your M282B-WAKE M2 Wakeboard speakers. SPF8 is stylish cover, which you can additionally purchase. It is made for keeping your speakers safe and clean from dirt and dust when your boat is docked or stored.


• Rockford Fosgate M282B speakers are very durable marine grade speakers
• The grille is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel
• Rotational C-clamp is flexible almost 100%. You can adjust and point the speakers according to your desires
• Excellent sound quality
• Have a very high mounting depth of approximately 2.5 inches.
• Design includes 5 innovative technologies for the highest quality.


• Require more power handling for eased drive
• Low sensitivity rating can affect a quality of the sound


The Rockford Fosgate M282B-WAKE M2 Wakeboard 8-Inch Tower Speakers do not have any bad review from their customers. This 5 star product is praised for low price and very high durability. The quality of materials and modern design make the M282B-WAKE M2 Wakeboard speakers ideal solution for your boat, yard, or any outdoor area.

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