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Pros: These are one of the Best Speakers you will ever hear! The look great, they have many install options. They simply Kick Ass! If you are looking for the best of the best, buy these! They will require a decent amp to power them, but you will not be disappointed.
Cons: None! Well maybe the price, but you get what you pay for here. They may be on the high side of most peoples budget. But you will never need to think about upgrading, or wishing you would have bought these in the first place. I had spent many hours and dollars on different speakers and these should have been my first pick. I would have a saved a lot of money in the long run. The only other caution with these speakers is the size! They are big, but they produce Big sound

Review Wet Sounds Rev10

These speakers are probably in a class all by them self. While these are probably one of my favourite tower speakers there a  few things they are not. They are not cheap, and in my opinion not for listening to music at low volumes. They are designed to produce sound at a distance, which means they need to be turned up. If you are primarly looking for speakers to listen to while in your boat, you can find a cheaper alternative. These speakers are designed so the rider behind your boat and anyone within 80 feet can hear your music clearly. If you don’t want to talk to the person beside you, these are a good option, they are that loud. They also require a lot of power to drive them properly. While I don’t want to keep talking about the expense it is an important factor. While the speakers them self are not that expensive (boating is just expensive all around after all) It’s the accessories or other equipment you need with these speakers to really enjoy them. You will need larger or more powerful amps. I would also recommend an equalizer of some type. Having the ability to turn off or down the other speakers in the boat for me is must. Another consideration is where you dock your boat. With the speakers mounted proudly on the tower they could be an easy target for theft. You want to make sure you are prepared to remove them (they do a have quick release option) or be confident that your boat is secure enough that they don’t go missing.

If you are looking for speakers that make a statement these are defiantly for you. They sound awesome and can be customized with different light combinations to give your boat and or tower a custom look.  They can be rotated, if mounted with enough clearance to point in any direction.

Revolution Series is the pinnacle of wakeboard tower speaker design offering the most advanced speaker design anywhere in the world. Available colors are Gloss White or Gloss Black with UV inhibitors REV TEC design features enhanced mid bass response at all volume levels with smooth frequency response for amazing near field
and wake range sound quality.


  1. All Stainless Steel Hardware
  2. Stainless Steel grilles
  3. Reinforced Composite Enclosure


Available Mount Options are:
X mount for Cast Towers, TC3-FC Fixed Mount universal Stainless Steel Clamp with integrated wiring in the clamp body and. Patent Pending TC3-SC swivel clamp featuring full swivel capability, True Disconnect single bolt quick disconnect feature, integrated wiring connection in the center of the clamp with 6 pin connector option for speaker power and
LED lighting.


Wet Sounds Rev 10 Video